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Flash Animateing! Yeah!

2015-09-07 19:58:01 by scottie2006

Hello Scottie2006 Here And I Have Been Doing Flash (MX 2004 :/) For The Past 3 Or 4 Days And I Need Help. I Need Voice Actors,Other Flashimaters(Flash Animaters),And Song Writers For My Scottimated,And Others Series (By the way, the pilot for scottimated (that has no voice) was kind of based on how i wanted to become an animator. Eddsworld. Go Search ''Eddsworld'' In Youtube Or NewGrounds. Its Changed over the years from a crappy cartoon to a Greatly Animated Webtoon.Back to the pilot now. I Added Edd (My Drawing) but 1. It Looked Crappy. 2.It Was So Fast Pased-And During The Animation i just could'nt animate edd so i ended up using images. adding to the crap.)So Remember! I need : Flash Animaters,Voice Actors,And Song Writers








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